Clay Continuum III 2008

July 29 – August 23, 2008
Opening Reception: Saturday, August 2nd 5:00 to 7:00 pm


Potter’s Wheel Demonstration
4:00 – 5:00 pm at SPACe Gallery – Saturday, Aug. 2nd
For information call 719 742-0312 or 719 742-3074




Victoria Hansen juried the Clay Continuum III and gave awards.

She is a clay artist and teacher. Her recent work formed of stoneware and porcelain explores in vessel forms the relationship between landscape and the body. Just as “the dancer develops the body with infinite patience and hard physical discipline, in order to create a container that is strong enough and flexible enough to receive the penetration of the divine energy from the unconscious,” so does the clay artist. (Marion Woodman, Conscious Femininity)

“I approach my work with intensity. I’m not trying to moralize or instruct in my forms, but to simply delight, surprise, bring humor or quietness to someone sharing my work.”

Hansen’s pieces are formed on the potter’s wheel and then paddled, rolled, pushed or pulled to activate and play with the forms. Often two forms will be united in a piece. The work takes its inspiration from her movement through, reflection about and interaction in the landscape. How weather, water, wind and time transform rocks, trees, sand and clay fascinates her, such as the intensity of a Colorado sunset, the fragility of a cactus blossom, the daily plays of lights and shadows quietly and constantly influence and amaze her.



John Zimmerman, Elizabeth James, Lance Timco, Greg Marshall, Mary Daly, Phyllis Fester, and Susan Demos