Fiber! 2008

Sept. 23 – November 8, 2008


Featured Artist

Cindy Hickok

I call my work “narrative threads.” I enjoy story-telling, particularly when the stories have to do with art history, current events, and women’s issues. With thread in needle and tongue in cheek, I machine-stitch with wild abandon, creating images that tell stories in thread. My art is created at the sewing machine and often contains a fine thread of humor.

Beginning my art career with mosaic, I learned that by placing one color tile next to another I was able to mix colors, my eye doing the actual mixing. Now, after switching to embroidery, I find myself using the same approach. With a limited palette and unlimited imagination, I can place one thread next to another to create images that challenge the viewer to look closely to discern color.

My technique is simple. Making visual notes while traveling, shopping, or going about my daily activities, I convert these to simple drawings that become the basis for my work. Final drawings are transferred to soluble fabric on which I work the embroidery freestyle at: the machine. Once the embroidery is complete the background is boiled away leaving only the thread. The open background spaces then become an integral part of the design. Occasionally these embroideries are combined with other materials such as painted fabrics or photocopies that have been manipulated or altered.


Winner of the People’s Choice Award
Wild Buffalo Bill by Gabrielle Ratajczak


Here are some closer looks at a few of the pieces in the show: