Prints and Poetry 2012

Prints and Poetry
Oct. 16 – Nov. 10, 2012

Oct. 21  5 – 7 pm


with Poetry Reading


  and Refreshments

Artwork entered in this show are original prints created by the artist using handmade plates, serigraphs, monoprints or other forms of printmaking. Neither computer generated prints nor photographs were accepted, unless it was the reproduction of poetry incorporated into the display of the print.

Here are just a few of the prints/poetry in the show. Most were framed with glass, which makes it difficult to photograph for the website, which is why there are 2 views of the walls with an assortment of prints. Come to the show to see how wonderful these unique creations actually are!

Many of the special tools and equipment used in various types of printmaking are part of the show.

There was a tie for the People’s Choice Award–Mary Jean Fowler’s block print ” Magpie Flight” and Doug Holdread’s Monoprint “Bristlecone”


(both of these prints are shown in the picture above, with Mary Jean’s Magpies center above, and Doug’s Bristlecone on the far right.)  Click the image for full-size.