Gift of Art 2014

17th Annual
Gift of Art Show
Nov. 9, 2014 – Jan. 3, 2015
Saturday Nov. 15
5 – 6:30 pm*
*SPACe General Membership meeting 6:30 – 7 pm

This year’s Gift of Art Show includes Kenny Schneider’s unique kinetic installation, “Autobiography”. This large 3D construction is based on an artwork of vehicles the artist once owned, drove, or had as toys. The piece has 166 cutouts, made from etched magnesium, with 6 electric gearbox motors each with a different ratio. Music the artist listened to while fabricating the pieces accompanies the figures as they move from right to left via manufactured conveyor systems.


Educated with a BA from the University of Miami, Coral Gables and an MA from Adams State College, Alamosa, Kenny Schneider has executed numerous public art commissions and has been included in extensive exhibitions, film screenings and film festivals. His works are included in numerous public and private collections and he has received many awards. Schneider is currently a visiting art professor at CSU-Pueblo and has held quite a few significant positions with agencies and organizations in Huerfano County, including the La Veta School Board and the Spanish Peaks Regional Hospital.

Thirty-two area artists are represented in the show–Lynn Bower Andrews, Karen Austin, Gayle Baker, Gerry Benesky, KAT Borneman, Mary Sewell Cooper, Rae Arnold Drury, Vivian Etmanczyk, Daniel Falsetta, Mary Jean Fowler, Ann Gethen, Sheila Hartman, Kathy Hill, Steven Kalaher-Taillebois, Perla Kopeloff, Joanne Larratt, A.D. McGregor, Oleta McGregor, Cathy Mullens, Pat Newell, Tanya Piker, Mary Scott, Charles W. Stone, Julianna Tambas, Eleisa Trampler, Lori Utley, Kass Mason, Lana Thomas, Amanda S. Thompson, Janet Valdez, and Kathy Wilson
Here are a few of their pieces.