Artist’s Choice & Inner Idea Artists

Artist’s Choice & Inner Idea Artists

On display until June 6.

Reception May 23, 5 – 7 pm

Wonderful turn out for the reception!






So many of the pieces in the Artist’s Choice show are displayed under glass and the reflections prohibit taking accurate photos, so here are details from four of the paintings that are not under glass.  Twenty-four area artists are showing a total of 57 original works of art.

detail-clymer        detail-wallman






The Inner Idea Artists are a group of artists who show together regularly in New York and who follow the philosophy of Wassily Kandinsky by putting Truth before Beauty. Three New York critics have called them a “New Art Movement”. The pendulum of art history is always swinging between Beauty and Truth. Kandinsky wrote the fine art philosophy for the Bauhaus in Weimar, Germany in 1917. By finding the words for the new movement in art at the beginning of the 1900’s, he was instrumental in changing the dialectic of art history from an emphasis on Beauty for its own sake to a conviction that Beauty inevitably follows Truth with skills taking a backseat to creativity. Kandinsky believed the greatest gift artists can give to their culture is their “Truth which springs from an inner need to express itself”

Eight of the Inner Idea Artists are showing selected works by their group, which operates a gallery on Main St. in La Veta. For more about Inner Idea Artists visit

Here are a few details from paintings by the Inner Idea Artists. When you visit the show, see if you can find the paintings from which they were taken.

detail1        detail8