Maintenance Week

Maintenance Week

Carole Kramer and Jay Obrecht painting-shoveling-sm

April 12 – 15 The SPACe building enjoyed some much needed maintenance and upkeep.

A crew of volunteers worked diligently to make improvements to the facility.  Rena Kaplowitz patched holes, Nicole Copel, Scott Mangold, Kathy Hill painted the walls and ceiling in the Fuller Gallery. Nicole and Scott prepped the walls with tape and protected the ceiling fans with paper in advance of painting. Gerry Benesky applied a second coat of paint to the north wall.  Gerry and Deb Donovan painted the display stands. Deb and Gerry also helped with cleaning up debris outdoors and cleaned in the main gallery.  Carole Kramer and Deb Obrecht scraped and painted the railing in front of the building. Alex Lukens and Deb O. painted trim on the exterior of the windows. Ann Gethen scrubbed the tables upstairs and organized the collection of art books into a lending library so they may be loaned out. Kathy washed the windows upstairs, Gerry and Deb D. washed the windows downstairs and cleaned painting equipment.

Jay Obrecht spent 6 days, shoveling dirt and weeds from the street in front of SPACe and caulking windows, and many other gaps throughout the building. In addition, Jay installed gutter extensions so the water from the roof can drain away from the building and flower beds. He has also been able to get the chair lift operating again—not an easy task. So those of you who find climbing stairs to be a deterrent to going upstairs at SPACe, can now enjoy a ride.



Scott Mangold and Nicole Copel prepped the Fuller Gallery for painting

Scott Mangold paints ceiling around fan2-sm        Nicole Copel paints edges in Fuller Gallery-sm




Deb Obrecht painted the railing.


Deb O painting railing



Ann Gethen organized a library of art books.


Ann G itemizing library




Kathy Hill washed the upstairs workspace windows.

Kathy washing upstairs windows



Alex Lukens painted outdoor trim around the windows.

Alex Lukens painting outdoor trim


overall view Alex painting trim



Deb Donovan helped with many things, including painting the display stands.

Deb D painting stand


thank you Gerry Benesky for taking pictures!