2020 Gift of Art Show with the Art Council of Trinidad

Annual Gift of Art Show with the Art Council of Trinidad

Nov. 10 – Jan. 2, 2021

Reception Nov. 14, 5 – 7 pm

Artists are invited to enter works with gift giving in mind, with suggested pricing under $400. All media will be accepted. Artwork cannot have been shown at SPACe any time during the past 12 months, including the Gift Shop.

► Drop off dates–Nov. 5 & 7 — 11 am – 2 pm.

           Work MAY be brought earlier. NO WORK ACCEPTED AFTER NOV.7

Nov. 14 – Opening reception 5-7 pm . No refreshments

Jan. 2 – Pick up artwork 10 – 2 pm.

Social distancing & face coverings enforced. Limit of 10 persons inside gallery at one time, unless restrictions are changed by Nov. 14.

$5 entry fee per item. Limit 4 entries per artist. Sold artwork may be replaced for no additional fee. If any entry is over the equivalent of 30” wide, it will count as 2 entries ($10). All entered artwork must be for sale.

Several small items may be entered for a total fee of $10 if they are all displayed in one basket or attractive container with a maximum 16” space in all directions,  and all the same price. These items should be less expensive than pieces entered in the show individually. Artists are limited to two such containers, each being the equivalent of 2 entries. Items in the containers may be replaced when sold, for no additional fee. Artists may provide SPACe with extra inventory for that purpose.

♦ 30% commission will be charged on Members’ sales; 35% nonmembers

SPACe members who live too far away to hand deliver their artwork may ship artwork entered in this show, as long as it arrives by Nov. 5 and can be picked up on Jan. 2. Arrangements can be made to pick up work at a later date.  Shipped artwork must be sent via US Postal Service to the SPACe P.O. Box 803. DO NOT SHIP GLASS. Framed artwork must be protected with plexiglas or similar glazing. Include a copy of this entry form and the required entry fees, as well as membership dues if applicable.

Entry form Gift of Art 2020