2023 Youth Art Workshop

2023 Youth Art Workshop

July 10 – 14, 9 am – Noon

Art Around the World

This year’s Combined Youth Art Workshop is open to young people ages 8-16.

Only $35.00 per child for the entire week. All materials included.

Five morning classes (9 am-12 noon) with an exhibit of the kids’ work for family and friends on Friday at 11 pm. Register early!

Printable registration form:

For more information contact Becky Myers, [email protected], 719 964-0451

Course Description:

Project 1- Adinkhra cloth Designs from Africa

Emphasize symmetry, abstraction, repetition and variation.

Materials:  1-1-2 foot square of muslin, tempera or acrylic paints, paint brushes, potatoes, plastic carving tools, newspaper, plastic bowls of water, rulers, pencils, erasers, newsprint.

Put six square grid on material, mark with markers and rulers. Mark center of each square so student will know where to put stamped designs.  Carve design onto top of l large slice of potato and check stamped image on test paper (newsprint) before putting on material.  Press  fluid out of potato stamp.  Paint stamp and place one design or stamp in each square.  Let dry, iron.  Can be used as a pillow cover in the future. (don’t put in washer)

Project 2- Native American Portrait

Taken from an Edward Curtis photograph using abstraction and color of Fritz Scholder

Emphasis on abstraction vs. realism, shape, line, balance and complementary color.

Materials:  pencils, erasers, paper, watercolors or tempera paints, oil pastels or crayons, rulers

Project 3- Chinese Mandala

Class will emphasize radial symmetry, analogous and complementary color, shape, line, rhythm and symmetrical balance

Materials- Watercolors, brushes, plastic lids, rulers, water, cans, watercolor pastels, colored pencils, brushes, pictures of Chinese mandalas

Project 4-Japanese Sumi-e

Class will emphasize shape, line, asymmetrical design and abstraction of nature

Materials- newspaper, paper, pencils, erasers, ink, brushes, water, coffee and tuna cans of various sizes