Adult Art Workshops

Art Workshops for Adults

June – September, 2022

                      July 2022

“Watercolors – Painting from Photos” 2-day Workshop with Kathy Hill

 8 & 9 July    9:30-12:30 each day

Do you have a memorable photo you would love to see as a painting hanging in your home or office?  Or give as a gift to someone special?  Learn basic techniques in how to capture that special image in watercolors. Kathy is a local treasure when it comes to teaching painting.            
Cost—$75 (optional materials fee $25)

“Visual Journaling Techniques” Workshop with Lori Holdread 

  29 July    1-4 PM

Journaling has long been an avenue of self-discovery.  Sometimes more pictures, and less words, really tell the story—letting the inner voice be heard and seen!  Lori’s passion is exploring the human experience, and she teaches strategies for visual journaling to enhance one’s “preparing to create” repertoire as participants begin or continue their journey of self-awareness and creative expression.        
Cost—$30, materials fee $5

August 2022

Acrylic Pours—The Basics” Workshop with Janice Benham

12 Aug    1-3 PM

Go with the flow—as they say! Join us for the incredibly addictive painting phenomena of flow painting.  Learn basic acrylic pour techniques like the dirty pour, puddle pouring and tree rings.  Learn about various mediums and paints used in pouring.  Enjoy the spontaneity of allowing the paint to be your collaborative partner in this fun-filled workshop which surely will whet your creative appetite for more!         
Cost—$33, materials fee $7

“Techniques in Acrylics” Workshop with Coni Grant       

20 Aug   10AM—3PM (w/1/2 hr lunch break)

Have fun learning simple techniques that can transform your work.  Acrylics are popular, water-based and dry quickly—but few artists take advantage of their amazing versatility and potential.  Coni will lead painters who want to learn more about the unexpected advantages of Acrylics—pushing their own work in new directions.   Especially beneficial for intermediate and advanced painters.            
Cost—$70, specialty materials fee $5

September 2022

“Beginning Oil Painting – Fall Colors” 2-day Workshop with Kathy Hill

9 &10 Sep   9:30-12:30

Let the beauty of the Fall season and the Spanish Peaks inspire your creative adventure in oil painting. 
Learn basic techniques as well as how to build strong compositions using color temperatures, values and perspective.  Kathy is well known for capturing the beauty of the area in her landscapes.              
Cost—$75 (optional materials fee $40)

“Fall in Love with Fabric” Workshop with Marika Guthrie 

Oct. 1   1-3 PM

Fall in the Colorado Mountains is an incredibly magical time of year!  Vibrant gold illuminates the landscapes, and brings light and energy to our days. Join textile artist Marika Guthrie for an afternoon of playing with fabrics!  Students will be guided through creating 1-2 colorful fall landscapes and get instruction on how to add their own finishing touches after the 24-hour curing process.                                  Cost—$35