“Acrylic Pours—The Basics”

Acrylic Pours—The Basics” with Janice Benham

August 12, 1 – 3 pm $33 plus materials fee of $7

Go with the flow—as they say! Join us for the incredibly addictive painting phenomena of flow painting.  Learn basic acrylic pour techniques like the dirty pour, puddle pouring and tree rings.  Learn about various mediums and paints used in pouring.  Enjoy the spontaneity of allowing the paint to be your collaborative partner in this fun-filled workshop which surely will whet your creative appetite for more!

Janice is best described as a creative spirit.  Her imagination knows no bounds, as she can visualize the most wondrous creations from simple everyday objects or raw materials.  She dabbles in almost all art forms from paint, paper and fabric to clay and glass.  Creating art with paint, but without traditional use of brushes, is very exciting for her, as well as wanting to communicate the sense of movement in her pieces.  Flow painting by “pouring” acrylic paint is just one of her new adventures that combines these two loves.

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