Instructor Invitation

Would you like to teach Adult Art Workshops or Classes?

Artists are invited to teach workshops or classes at SPACe.  We are winding down our 2022 schedule now, but will gladly accept applications for Summer and Fall 2023. 

We are always in the market for interesting, new and innovative workshop topics, as well as the more traditional subjects like painting, photography and printmaking.

If you are new to teaching workshops at SPACe, please contact us  at [email protected] before you submit an application.  Our workshop coordinator will contact you to get an idea of your workshop subject and its marketability to our patrons.

The SPACe art classroom is well lit—both from overhead lighting and natural light from the many windows, and is clean and spacious with six-foot tables and chairs, as well as several free-standing easels.

Application for instructors

Student fees must be at least $10 per class hour.  SPACe will retain 30% of the workshop fees collected for instructors who are SPACe members; nonmember instructors will be charged 40% of the fees collected.  The balance will be paid to the instructor after the workshop concludes.  A $50 deposit is required by check or cash, four weeks prior to the workshop, and will be returned when the classroom is inspected by a SPACe representative after the workshop.  See the Instructor Contract (application) for more details.

There must be a minimum of four students taking the workshop.  If there are less than 4 people signed up 7 days prior of the workshop’s scheduled date, it will be cancelled at that time—unless there are 3 people registered and you (the Instructor) choose to proceed with the workshop taking 25% less remuneration.

For complete details and requirements see the Application